Marquesas Art & Cultural Festival
Marquesas Art & Cultural Festival

Marquesas Art & Cultural Festival

The Marquesas Art & Culture Festival – 2023


Locally, this is festival is known as “Motu Haka o Te Fenua Enata”.  Recent major festivals have brought together participants from other Polynesian islands including Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island. Those attending this unique event will be immersed in an opportunity to dive into the heart of the traditions of Polynesia.

The Marquesas are a string of islands part of French Polynesia completely unlike Moorea and Bora Bora.  These volcanic islands with dramatic landscapes lure those in search of more seclusion along with rich archaeological remains in tropical jungles. This is where Paul Gaugin and Jacque Brel found inspiration and you can visit their tombstones on the island of Hiva Oa. 


Live Love Tahiti can plan a trip for you to enjoy the festivities. The next major festival will be held in December 2023 on the island of Nuku Hiva. You may want to add jeep safaris to ancient archeological sites, horseback rides through the interiors, or scuba diving with manta rays.


Discover the hidden paradise of the Marquesas!  A fantastic way to visit these islands is with the Aranui – a boat: half passenger & half cargo.  It journeys from the island of Tahiti to the Marquesas. Let’s think about booking soon!

Live Love Tahiti is here to answer any questions you may have about travel, flights, hotels, etc. Contact us today and see for yourself.


Marquesas Art & Cultural Festivals & Islands
2019 – Ua Pou (Major Festival)
2021 –  Fatu Hiva (Mini Festival)
2023 – Nuku Hiva (Major Festi


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  1. Kayla black

    We want to go to the festival but can’t get flights there. How should you organize a trip without being on a large cruise ship ? We are more sailors adventuress snorkelers and mountain lovers and intrested in culture off the beaten path. Propose some options
    A small sailboat for 2-8 people
    Or arranging flights and accommodations or home stays thank you
    Kayla & Michael and family

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